Embrace Paperless Productivity Today

A few years back, when “going paperless” went mainstream, it was practically synonymous with saving the environment. But being green is only one benefit of the paperless office. Ceasing to rely on paper and digitizing processes is an effective way to increase productivity in all types of business workflows.

Empowering information workers to store, retrieve, and share digital documents eliminates the need for time-intensive, low return tasks, like scouring file cabinets for missing paperwork, so employees can spend more time and energy on projects that generate higher returns.

There is certainly no shortage of tools for enhancing productivity in digital workflows—Nitro alone offers two (Nitro Pro and Nitro Cloud). But oftentimes, the initial transition to digital workflows from paper-based workflows is overwhelming, especially if you’re talking mass quantities of files. Where does one begin?

Enter Brooks Duncan, a veritable guru of paperless productivity. Through his company DocumentSnap, Duncan has helped guide businesses and individuals alike through the oft-intimidating process of turning stacks of paper into digital files.

He breaks things down into four basic steps, which he calls the DocumentSnap Workflow:

1. Scan it. He recommends scanning to PDF using a tool with double-sided scanning capabilities and an automatic document feeder

2. Process it. Map out a simple foldering structure you can follow, and perform OCR on your newly scanned documents to make them searchable (you’ll want to find them later!)

3. Back it up. Whether it’s in the cloud or on a portable hard drive, backing up your newly digital files is essential.

4. Shred it. Getting rid of all that paper is the ultimate goal—do it securely and effectively by sending it through the shredder.

Along with this workflow, DocumentSnap offers some insightful (and free!) resources for taking the paperless plunge, including Paper Sanity, a 7-part instructional e-course.

The DocumentSnap blog is another great find packed with news, how-to’s, and reviews of both services and tools to help anyone go—and stay—paperless (and, more productive!).

Follow Brooks Duncan on Twitter (@documentsnap).