3 Rarely Discussed Virtues of eSignatures


In my last post, we discussed how eSignatures could broadly benefit your business in terms of money (return on investment), speed and happiness. If these reasons alone weren’t enough to adopt eSignatures, you might also be interested in knowing there are several more, yet rarely discussed, benefits of embracing such digital bliss over the traditional print-sign-scan method. I’ll quickly highlight a few for you here.

1. You Will Deliver a Better Customer Experience

Happy customers are an essential variable of any successful business equation. While it may seem obvious that simplifying your signing processes will make you easier to work with, you should also consider how it can actually help you to deliver your products and services faster!

The easier you make it for customers to sign required documents, the more you minimize the risk of lost business and the sooner your customers actually begin benefiting from your products and services. Overall, this contributes to a better, modern and more memorable customer experience – which translates to goodwill for your brand, as well as increased customer loyalty.

2. You Will Know Where Your Documents Are

Knowing where a document is at, and if it’s even been viewed, eliminates a lot of mystery for those who regularly request signatures from others. With eSignature applications such as Nitro Cloud, you can always stay on top of a document’s status with customizable e-mail alerts that notify you it’s been viewed, if the signer has requested changes and, of course, when it has been signed..

This smart document technology bestows insights that streamline your daily work and follow ups. A document that hasn’t been viewed might have been missed on the receiving party’s end, making it easy for you to send a follow-up email. A document that has been viewed may require another kind of follow-up – perhaps a more nurturing, “Is there anything you’d like to change?” approach.

3. You Will Be Safely Sharing Documents

Each time a document is downloaded, printed, or scanned, another notch is added to the document’s potential for security compromise. The fewer places a document travels, the less likely it is to leak information – social security numbers, insider stock info, movie spoilers, or anything else you’d like kept under wraps.

With an eSignature solution, notifications regarding your signature requests are sent only to the intended recipients; the documents themselves are not sent via email. With no need to print or send copies of the document, and there’s no chance of it being left in the copier, saved on a shared desktop or mistakenly emailed to the wrong person.