Collaborating in a Crisis: Why Businesses Need Digital Workflows

Reading Time: 3 minutes

As we prepare for what work will look like after COVID-19, we have the unique chance to evaluate what worked (and didn’t work) about our digital set-ups, what helped us collaborate, and what made it harder. We experienced urgent digital transformation like never before, and we’re far from getting it perfect. In our latest Future of Work survey of 1,632 knowledge workers, 95% still think that their organization could improve the way they handle documents.

Sixty-three percent of knowledge workers electronically sign or approve documents daily – and 75% of those documents are classified as PDFs. Digitizing and automating your document and signing processes is a central part of improving workplace productivity and collaboration.

What Do Knowledge Workers Want For Better Collaboration?

Your employees already have an idea of how to improve efficiency and collaboration on documents. When we asked how document processes could improve, top answers included:

  • Better training
  • More automated processes and workflows
  • Increased standardization of processes
  • Better/more tools to enable remote work

In other words, employees want effective digital tools along with the training to make sure that everyone on the team is using them properly and following standardized workflows.

How Digital Document Workflows Improve Collaboration At Work

With the right document tools, you maximize time spent working by eliminating bottlenecks and silos, giving organizations and individuals the ability to work from anywhere. Your document processes should allow your team to:

1. Securely Share Documents. Security is a concern for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier to collaboration or digital workflows. Secure links from Nitro Sign eliminate the need for email attachments, making sharing easier and keeping your documents as safe as possible.

2. Annotate PDFs Digitally. Even after the pandemic subsides, remote working isn’t going away. When team members can collaborate on documents electronically with Nitro Pro or Nitro Sign, they can contribute their thoughts to a project – without having to print, markup manually, scan, and send more emails.

3. Track Workflow Progress. Few things are as frustrating as duplicate work. When you edit and email a working document to your team only to find that your colleague already sent similar changes, that’s wasted time and money. With Nitro Sign, document sharing allows colleagues to see each other’s changes and comments, ensuring that everyone is working with the latest version of the document.

How eSigning Improves Collaboration at Work

When you equip your entire organization with an eSigning solution like Nitro Sign, you decrease turnaround time for document approval and cut out time-consuming tasks.

1. Save Time By Getting Forms and Documents Signed Faster. Printing forms and chasing down signatures shouldn’t be a part of the daily grind. Automating simple tasks like sending signature requests and automatic reminders leaves your team with more time to do their jobs.

2. Eliminate Printing. It’s no surprise that printing is down in the last several months. That’s good news for more than just the planet. Printing documents for signatures is more expensive and more time-consuming than eSigning.

3. Track Document Activity. Checking in on colleagues’ progress is easier with document activity tracking. When workers can instantly see who has opened, edited, or signed a document, they know exactly what their coworkers have or haven’t done, saving them from making calls and sending emails to touch base.

Let’s Get it Right

The first half of 2020 was the workforce’s chance to go digital on a whole new scale. The second half of 2020 is the chance to get it right. That means digital workflows that make it easier for your employees to collaborate and do their jobs well, no matter where they are.

For the rest of the year, you can give your entire team premium eSigning capabilities for free.